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At UrbanMonique, we want to help you understand how the pros grow, source, cook, and preserve food, and how to translate those skills to your kitchen. You’ll find tried and true scratch made recipes that really work, as well as tips, tricks, and a bit of the science behind food and cooking. We’ll help y’all eat better, support your community, save money, and walk a little bit softer on the earth’s limited resources.

Eben is a professionally trained Chef, currently managing a bakery-café in northwest Washington State. He began his formal culinary training in the 1970s at restaurants throughout the Northwest. Well versed in a broad spectrum of cuisines, he is best known for French, Tex-Mex and rustic American cookery. In addition to his work here, Eben is the Resident Chef and Co-Host of The Great Big Wild radio show out of Madison, Wisconsin, and the Resident Chef for The American Boomer magazine. The chef is at work on two cookbooks which are expected out in 2015.

Monica cooks with a fine instinctive touch and great imagination; she’s always the heart and soul behind our garden.

As mentioned, our culinary influences are predominantly French, Mexican, and American Traditional, but you’ll find smatterings of Italian, Spanish, Asian, Middle Eastern and North African as well.

We’re here to help you expand the realm of what you can do with great food. We love meeting new folks, and through this blog, we’ve made friends around the world. If you’re new to UrbanMonique, drop us a line, we’d love to get to know you.


6 Responses to About Us

  1. Nancy Herk-Bott says:

    Like your blog!

  2. urbanmonique says:

    Hey, BIG thanks, Nancy, and welcome aboard! Really glad to have y’all here!

  3. TW says:

    Just went through your new blog! Now I’m HUNGRY! Can I come have dinner soon?

  4. Sandy Fleck says:

    I love your Blog! The food looks fantastic and easy to make! LOVE!

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