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Potato Crusted Quiche

Breakfast is the meal we love best here, and that’s where I do some of my best work. Here's a recipe for a signature dish that I literally worked on for years before offering here. It is incredibly good, fun … Continue reading

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Almond Biscotti

  Almond Biscotti are a delight, but as with all things baked, best when they're fresh. That said, they're meant to be crunchy; if you ever thought that their consistency was somewhat akin to hardtack, you'd be right on the … Continue reading

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Baking Soda v. Baking Powder

Here's another great question from reader Pauline all the way over in New Hampshire, on a topic that probably doesn't get asked all that often; “So, I bake infrequently, and I've got containers of baking soda and baking powder that … Continue reading

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Alt Fats for Baking

  Alert reader Christy, (always wanted to use that…), writes, “What kinds of fats can be substituted for each other when baking and how do you do it? You used lard for the piecrust, which does make the best crust. … Continue reading

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Camp Breakfast a la Dutch Oven

  It might not surprise y’all to know that Monica and I pull out all the stops when it comes to camp cooking. Rather than see camping as a need to pare down and go simple, we take it as … Continue reading

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Bahstun Brown Bread

If you’re from New England, you know about the B&M company, not to be confused with the huge British food conglomerate. A lot of folks, even locals, think that B&M is a Massachusetts based enterprise, but it ain’t so. Way … Continue reading

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