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We’re about food, but sometimes you gotta take a stand…

No Wonder We Love a Cuppa!

If you missed our recent Magnum Opus on coffee, check it out here. It's a great read, if I do say so myself…   And then, read this piece from RT News, sent to us by Sister Ann, (My Sis … Continue reading

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Scared Local Yet?

If ever there was a siren song for reform of our food production and distribution system, this New Yorker piece is it. Read it, and get involved. Start by buying local whenever you can. Know your sources for what you … Continue reading

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Grapeseed Oil, Yea or Nay?

  If you've hung around here much, you'll know we're all about investigating the food world. We like to think that by so doing, we can save you some pitfalls and missteps. Today's topic, grape seed oil, might just qualify … Continue reading

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That ain’t how we play…

I tweak and republish this post annually; I think you’ll see why when you read it. See, I’m not out to be tragically hip, in fact quite the contrary. Or maybe Matthew Selman said it best; “I wish there was … Continue reading

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