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Perfect Popovers

It’s currently 48° F, with the wind south by southwest off the sea, blowing steadily at 20 knots with gusts strong enough to shake the cabin. In other words, it’s a great time for soup or stew. As an accompaniment … Continue reading

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Instagram Me!

Hey, if you like what you’re seeing here at UrbanMonique, give us a follow on Instagram; you’ll catch first peeks of recipes in progress, and some cool shots of things that don’t always make it to the site.

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Ferrero Rocher & Nutella Chocolate Tart!

I just had to post this gorgeous creation of Jane’s – Read it and weep, friends! And by the way, her blog is a wealth of such stuff, so head over there and subscribe.

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Salame de Chocolate

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It’s obvious that Salame de Chocolate (Chocolate Salami) has a European origin for us Goan’s. It is made mostly for Christmas and Easter in Goa. But in our household it was made for Birthday Parties…

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We can pickle that!

If you love pickles like we do, you’ve pretty much always got several jars in your fridge. In addition to cukes, we’ll typically have store bought capers, olives, and pepperoncini. That list is a great source for fridge pickling brine … Continue reading

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